Box Hill

I’m presently a Senior Engineer for a network integrator in Bristol (UK) where my responsibilities cover a number of products including Firewall’s, Security Gateway devices and QOS/WAN Optimisation appliances as well as supporting switched, router and ADSL networks, WAN solutions, Managed Services and pre-sales support for new customers. As part of doing my job I enjoy finding useful services based around an Open Source architecture especially SNMP Device monitoring, Anti-Spam gateways and Network Management/Monitoring systems (Cacti, OpenNMS, Nagios, MRTG, PandoraFMS, LibreNMS) .

I specialise in the following products/vendors –

Allot – NetEnforcer, NetXplorer, SMP
Barracuda – Web Filter, Anti-Spam Firewall
Blue Coat/Symantec – ProxySG, ProxyAV/CAS, SSL Visibility, PacketShaper, Secure Analytics Platform, ThreatPulse, Malware Analysis Appliance, Reporter, Management Center
Juniper – SRX, EX, MAG/SA, M Series, STRM, JunOS Space
McAfee – NGFW
Meru – Controller/AP, IDM

Pulse Secure – Pulse Connect Secure, vADC
VMWare – ESXi, vCenter
Xangati – XMD, XFS
Linux – Debian, CentOS, Redhat, Ubuntu, ZeroShell, VyOS
Graylog/ELK – Log processing, threat intelligence enrichment, reporting and alerting
Alienvault – USM

As with all of these vendors/products, being a specialist means you must have a solid knowledge in TCP/IP, Routing (including OSPF and BGP), Switching, WiFi, Explicit/Transparent Proxy services (including HTTP/SSL, RTMP, MMS, IM Protocols, SOCKS), SMTP, DNS, QoS and WAN Optimisation.

I’ve taught myself and then written PHP/MySQL based applications for internal company use, including a Device Database (DeviceDB) which allows for scheduled alerting when device support is up for renewal, and an engineer/part booking system (EPR) to allow our engineers to book support jobs requiring a site visit up in an automated way against 3500+ sites and 22,000+ devices.

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